As businesses grow and especially as they navigate success and failure it is easy to lose site of the core message and brand that inspired your business in the first place.  During these challenging times that brand identity may be more important than ever.  Your reason why you became an entrepreneur, the need you are fulfilling, the core audience you have to pull from, if they are lost then there is no better time than now to find them because they will be imperative on the road to recovery.  In order to tap into that core of your business here are some critical steps to remember and to motivate and inform your network to breathe life into that purpose.

  • Remember what does business stands for: The best businesses see a need and find a unique way to connect their product or service to their audience and their need. Take some time to reflect on what that story is and what it means to you.  This is a great time to write a revised bio to your business.  Include personal highlights and monumental dates.  Success is always a destination so tapping into that history takes away the false narrative of instant success or failure.  You and your business are a work in progress, so remembering the why and readjusting to the now are good ways to find some motivation despite the challenges.
  • Connect the dots: For every business that answers the call for a product a service there are instances of the work, perseverance and client satisfaction that made the call to answer worth it. Lining up the goals with the impact helps gives depth to your story in a way that is easy to communicate.  If you have a list of all the reasons you got into the business on one side, for instance, with specific examples of people you have helped and their satisfaction you then have testimonials and impact you can quantify that gives some real bite to your bark.
  • Communication is key: All this is done in order for you to be able to tap back in. If it’s been a while since you checked in with your clients or updated them to what you are doing making the moves now to reconnect is imperative.  Tell your story, yes both the highs and the lows.  Speak to your vision in ways that allows other to envision it.  Focus on inspiring action first from within and then to motivating your base to have an interest in participating in your survival and success.


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