Yes your network is your net worth but growing out a powerful network is more than a notion. For some they have a natural gift of gab, an effervescence that exudes and attracts the most beautiful and powerful, a drive that attracts others to come hither but for the rest of us we gotta work to make our network grow. So what is the secret to the sauce, the magic that assist in you building a brand that others not only standby but actively promote and work to grow your brand for you? While the truth is the there is no easy way to accomplish a network that feeds and grows itself there are some ways you can start:

• Stick to events where your strengths can shine. For some it may be luncheons, others maybe a gala, others may be a small meetup. Understanding the means in which you best connect with people lets you put forward the best part of yourself in order to win. We all have a way we best connect with others. Mine, for instance, is based off smaller intimate connections where I can learn from little stories that given insight on others’ lives. For others it may be bringing people into their world through speaking or shedding the light on their passion or stories in professional networking events. Tap in to you and understand where you connect with others and play into your strengths.

• Listening is key. If there is an ever a time to shut up and listen then trying to make genuine connections with people is that time. Your first introduction with others allows you to learn more about someone new. My taking a backseat and listening you open the playing field to connecting on a genuine level.

• Connecting with people isn’t just about you. Expecting nothing more than the connection gives you the ability to seize unexpected joys of networking. Enjoy that moment of connection understanding that may be all that it is. Sincerity may assist the seed of that relationship grow so being present with meeting someone new. With time a need you can satisfy or a new opportunity can grow but that does not distract away from the simple pleasures of connecting with someone new.


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